Ogee Finance
Short Introduction about OgeeSwap



Ogee Finance is a decentralized exchange running on Huobi ECO Chain, with lots of other features that let you earn and win tokens.
It's fast, cheap, and anyone can use it.
It's also got Ogee Yield Token (OYT).



The exchange is an automated market maker (“AMM”) that allows two tokens to be exchanged on the Huobi ECO Chain.. Just connect and swap.

Yield Farm

Farming made exciting again with high returns and high APR. You can earn OYT and many others with yield farms, earn OYT with Staking, and earn even more tokens.


Analytics is a powerful tool that allows anyone to easily check the smart contract swap and liquidity pool datas.

IDO: Initial DeFi Offering

Initial DeFi Offering is your doorway for potential upcoming projects. Finding new gems is easier than ever.

Transaction Burn

Every Ogee Yield Token (OYT) transaction 1% tokens will be burned.

Why Huobi ECO Chain (HECO)?

In very simple terms, why would we want to drive a slower car that costs more to run? We're all about gamification, so we want to maximize the feedback loop of earning, staking, and earning again: HECO's superior speed and much (much much) lower transaction fees let us do this.
While HECO might not have the level of adoption Ethereum does at current, we believe in Huobi’s ability and drive to get it mighty close in the foreseeable future.
Faster. Cheaper. Sold.
Now get flipping!
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